Finding Balance


True health comes when we are able to create harmony between each of the four bodies, as together they are connected and reliant on eachother.


Our Physical Body has a way of communicating to us through symptoms and physical responses.


Our Mind Body comprises of our mental and emotional being, our conciousness, giving us our awareness and thought processes.


Our Spiritual Body guides us through our lives, our decisions and our choices. It provides us our faith, whatever that may be, and blankets us in hope.


Our Emotional Body governs our feelings. Feelings are our souls language, they can't be seen, only felt.


Music in Modern Yoga Culture

In this in depth 6 part series we will be sharing a look at music in relation to modern yoga.

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Being Intentional with Time

Time Management

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Time and Balance can be two of the most difficult things to have control of in your life. They are things that we do have control of though. With Pie Time you can start to implement strategies to be more intentional with your time.

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Pie Time utilizes your Google Calendar to block your day out on a clock, visually displaying your needs for the day.

In striving to be a better version of yourself, how will you spend the time that is given to you today?

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are you in the right career?

Do you love what you do? Have you thought about a change? CareerGlass enables you to identify your best job and career options based on your assessed strengths, aptitudes, skills, motivations, interests and preferences.

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